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Telephone : 0800 140 4620     Mobile : 07727 988590    Outside Water Limited Poole Dorset

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Tel : 0800 140 4620  Mobile : 07727 988590  

Pond Equipment

We can supply install and repair all types of pond equipment, liners, pipework

Etc. Everything you will need to build a pond.

With our expert knowledge we will be able to advise you on the best solution

for your pond desgin.

Pond Pumps - Filters - UV Lights - LED Lighting - Air Pumps - Rotary Drum

Filters - Skimmers - Remote Controls - Pipe Fittings - Bulbs

High pressure pipe fittings - Pond Treatments - Fish Food and Treats

Aquatic Plants

Unsure of what you need then give us a call and we can visit to discuss your needs.

From a simple pond to a fully intergrated Koi Pond.

Please call for individual and package prices

Or email